Who we are

Vicki Davidson-Pino, the founder of Scoop De Tail has over eleven years of dog training and handling experience. Under her father's watchful eye she learned to love and respect animals by caring and nurturing them back to health, bottle feeding the smaller and weak ones, and helping to repair the injured.

During the school year she would receive short visits from barn yard friends who were brought home from her grandmother's small farm via her Dad, who wanted to ignite a passion in her for animals. Sometimes it was a little baby goat, other times a small piglet, but most often a baby duck. He also helped her raise pet rabbits and hamsters. One Easter he gave her two baby chicks as a present. A few months later crowing roosters were waking up the neighborhood at 4:00 am! They were donated to a nearby petting zoo shortly thereafter. However, it wasn't until she bonded with a Chow named 'Attila' at the age of 10, and years later, with a Siamese cat named 'Lucky' that she realized how intense her devotion to God's creatures really was.

Over the years her passion for animals developed into a steadfast desire to insure a strong bond between owners and their pets, leading her, along with her husband, Ted, to the development of her company. In 2005 Scoop De Tail was featured in the Business Plus Section of the Daily Record and in the New Jersey Monthly Magazine. The company also received an honorable mention in the New York Times in the fall of 2009.

In 2011 we began volunteering at a local animal shelter, helping to rehabilitate dogs that have been abused, neglected, or surrendered due to behavior problems, and giving them a chance to escape euthanasia and a second chance at being placed in loving forever homes.

After 13 years in business, Scoop De Tail is still family owned, bonded and insured. Best of all we give you peace of mind in knowing that responsible, thoughtful animal lovers, who take pride in their work, are caring for your property and your pets well being.

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