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have to say about our service!

“I cannot say enough about this service. I work out of my home and am constantly on the go with 2 dogs, 4 cats and a bird. Not to mention the human part of our family. I have less and less time every day to make that dreaded trip to the back yard to clean up the droppings. I sure could not leave it lay around, between the odor, and the insects, it was becoming unbearable. I had lost my back yard completely. Well after receiving the mailing about Scoop De Tail I though this could be a blessing in disguise, and it was! I have a back yard again. This company is amazing. They are kind, prompt, trustworthy, thorough, and really great with the animals. My dogs Buster and Ally lover her. I don’t think I will ever stop using their service.”

“I always know when Vicki has arrived because my two beagles and three English bull dogs go crazy once she enters the yard. They absolutely love her and can’t wait to get outside to say hello. I love knowing that my yard is clean and ready for fun year round. Scoop De Tail is a great service and I recommend it to anyone who’s too busy or too tired to clean their yard. They do a great job every time!”

“My yard is happy. My dog is happy. I am happy. Thanks Vicki!”

“I am so happy with the excellent service that Scoop De Tail provides for my 2 dogs. The service is reliable (to the minute), consistent, and done with care. Everything is left sparkling clean and done very quickly. I have never been more satisfied with a pooper scooper company than I am with Scoop De Tail.”

“Vicki always has time to answer pet related questions and give advice. My dogs love the attention they get when she’s in our yard, which by the way, has never been cleaner than it is now. I’m very satisfied with the professionalism and the quality of the work being performed. This is one of those little luxuries that I will never be without again.”

"Hi! My name is Tucker. I’m a large, 3 year old, 140 lb. German Shepard. My Daddy is currently in Iraq. I’m so proud of him. Although I miss him every day I know that he is there so we here remain free and proud at home. My Daddy gave my Mommy the best gift in the world before he was deployed. He hired Scoop De Tail for her.

I could set my watch (if I wore one) by the way she is always on time and never forgets about me. Turns out Becky is one of the friendliest people my family ever met and one of the biggest animal lovers on the East Coast. She takes the downside out of owning pets (poop). SHE IS #1 IN TAKING CARE OF #2!!"
Tucker is owned by Cliff and Gloria

"We are so pleased with this service. They’re professional, friendly, and detailed oriented. Thanks Scoop De Tail!"
Berni and Gus

"Ms. Davidson is a caring and responsible individual. She consistently does a very thorough clean-up leaving no evidence of any previous unpleasantries. I can now spend more time enjoying my dog and my yard."

Having Vicki has been wonderful. My property is almost an acre and I have a very large dog along with a very hectic lifestyle. Between kids, sports and life in general we barely have enough time to spend with the dog let alone clean up after him. Vicki does a terrific job in keeping my yard clean. She is always here when she’s supposed to be. I highly recommend her service.

"We love Vicki. She came at a time when poop control was a major issue. She has been a true Godsend! Our dogs love her and it is wonderful to go into my yard and enjoy it due to Vicki’s hard work. She comes highly recommended from our home! Thanks again for everything!"

"With a 2 year old, 3 dogs and working full time I have no time to think let alone scoop the poop. The spring and summer have been a joy since hiring Scoop De Tail. My daughter can now run freely in the yard and I don't worry about cleaning shoes/paws anymore. My 'kids' adore Vicki and I can rely on her to be here each week and be on time; and she's always willing to accommodate a special situation. Jax thanks you for his weekly ball throwing and thank you for making my life easier."

"With working and having 4 large dogs and a "grand-dog" that moved in, I just could not keep up with everything. Vicki has been a Godsend and our babies love greeting her when she visits and getting cookies!! I have to say that she loves and cares for our dogs like they are her own and never fails to ask about how they are. Best thing I ever did for me, our dogs and our yard."

Vicki, "Your enthusiasm, smile, and diligence is refreshing. I remember the first time I was sitting at my desk and heard Sidney & Benson running from window to door to me, making all kinds of excited noises trying to communicate something monumental was happening. I got up to see what the commotion was, I saw that you were in the back yard. And then I opened the door -- Sidney & Benson greeted you with the same enthusiasm they greet us when we've come home from a long trip -- I was impressed. Dogs know when they are loved and appreciate being cared for, which in turn, my husband and I are very grateful." Thank you.
Catherine & Don

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