“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”
Benjamin Franklin
As social animals, dogs have a genetically embedded pack mentality and a need for pack stability. If we’re not affirming leadership over our dog, our dog will counteract by showing unstable behaviors, which will result in conflicts in the home.

A dog’s world is simple. There is no democracy. You’re either a leader or a follower; you’re either stable or unstable.

The greatest benefit that obedience training will afford you and your dog is that it creates the groundwork that will help solve most any behavior problem that arises in the future. Plus it will be FUN! And having fun is what dogs are all about!

It’s a proven fact. In dog society, there always MUST be a pack leader. If you’re not your dog’s pack leader, he’ll become yours. He will demonstrate his authority over you in various ways, such as, jumping up, disregarding your requests to come, stay or sit, pulling on his leash while on a walk, or even declaring dominance over you by placing a paw on your foot, or laying down on top of your feet when you’re sitting or standing together.

Obedience training opens up the lines of communication between your dog and cements a bond of trust and respect between you both. Having your dog perform such simple requests as sit, stay, and give a paw establishes the hierarchy needed., It places you in the alpha role because by complying with your commands, she is showing respect for you. She is telling you that YOU are in charge.

At Scoop De Tail we strive to create balance and harmony between humans and their dogs by teaching owners how their behavior in situations affects their dog’s behavior in those same situations.

Regardless of the breed, whether your pet is young or old, shelter rescue or new puppy, we will help you understand her needs and how she communicates.

You will learn how to lay down a firm foundation of trust and respect, and will acquire the tools that you need to generate order within your pack.

Private Basic and Advanced Obedience classes are 6 weeks in length, and are held in the comfort of your home so that individual attention can be given to your dog and to you as his handler. You will learn why “sit”, “stay”, and “come” are the three most important commands you will ever teach your dog, and how to hold your dog’s attention so that he follows your requests.

• Basic Obedience Training
• Advanced Obedience Training
• Manners – (4 weeks)
• Off Leash Training – (4 weeks)
• Behavior Modification
• Boot Camp (offered at our site)

(Scoop De Tail does not offer training for dogs that show aggression toward humans.)

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