Let’s face it. With schedules being as they are today most people don’t have the time, some simply can’t due to health reasons, and others just don’t want to. Yet, picking up after your pet is still a necessary part of responsible dog ownership, and hiring a pet waste removal service solves all these problems. Not to mention that left to build up over time, dog waste will ruin the appearance of your property, may contribute to water pollution, and will offend your neighbors.

At Scoop De Tail, we are aware that when dog feces are left on the ground, flies will eventually lay eggs on it. These eggs can eventually become a health hazard to humans and pets since they may harbor parasites and germs that possess the ability to subsist on the ground for some time. Anyone who comes in contact with that soil, whether it be through gardening, playing sports, or walking around barefoot, may become contaminated. This includes your dog, who oftentimes tracks it into your home without your knowledge.

The most common of these are Roundworms, which research shows can cause blindness in children, who are always putting their fingers in their mouths or rubbing their eyes with dirty hands. Other types are Hookworms, Whipworms, Parvo Virus and Coccidia. Dogs may become infected when they come in contact with contaminated fecal matter by rolling in it or eating it.

That is why we believe the best ways to prevent these illnesses are keeping your pets current on vaccinations and fecal exams, and through maintaining a clean and healthy yard by establishing a weekly dog waste cleanup schedule with a responsible pet waste removal service such as ours. We are a service committed to protecting your loved ones against the contamination and transmission of diseases.

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