“An early-morning walk is a blessing for
the whole day.”
Henry David Thoreau

Dog walking provides your pet with a basic necessity. They get the opportunity to relieve their bladder and bowels and provides for low-impact exercise. Dog walking offers an excellent opportunity for your dog to get her heart rate up, while enjoying a good leisurely sniffing session through the neighborhood while on leash. When a dog receives adequate amounts of consistent exercise and mental stimulation, at least 4 to 5 times per week, he becomes a calmer pet, is less prone to destruction, is easier to train, will be better behaved, and will avoid the health hazards of canine obesity.

Select from one of our week-day programs, and we'll have your pet enjoying the great outdoors in no time! . Individualized Mid-Day Dog Walking . Structured In-Yard Playtime . Potty Breaks

Individualized Mid-Day Dog walking A fun filled walk through the neighborhood while on-leash will give your dog a chance to break up the day while you're at work. Visits are a total of 30 minutes in length and conclude with a treat and fresh water.

Structured In-Yard Playtime Structured dog exercise is more than just walking. Structured exercise provides your pet with good health by offering an excellent opportunity for him to get his heart rate up, while enjoying a good boredom buster through mental stimulation and interactive play right in his own back yard.

If your dog is skittish around other dogs or nervous in unfamiliar surroundings, she no longer has to be deprived of the basic activity she desperately needs to maintain a healthy and happy dog life. A good round of exercise on her own "turf" will allow you to come home to a calm and relaxed pet companion.

(We ask that dogs participating in this exercise program be checked out by a veterinarian and approved for such activity.)

Potty Breaks These quick visits are intended to give your puppy or older dog a well deserved bathroom break during the day. Your puppy will have a chance to relieve his bladder on a regular schedule, making housebreaking an easier task, and your senior dog will benefit from someone aiding them in preventing while you're away. (While housebreaking a puppy, it is recommended that potty breaks be scheduled twice daily.)

. $15.00 per walk for one dog ($5.00 for second dog)
. $25.00 per 30-min. exercise session ($15.00 for 2nd dog)
. $45.00 per 1-hour exercise session ($20.00 for 2nd dog)
. $8.50 per 10-minute potty break session twice per day
. $12.00 per 10-minute potty break session once per day

(An extra charge will be added for short-notice requests.)

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